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Molly NFT
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Molly NFT - Secret Collection


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Dargon Molly Collection

4444 Unique NFTs

We are a new creative moment revolutionizing 3D visual art & sound, modernizing and pioneering the first ever NFT backed virtual AI artist. We are trying to bring the metaverses to real life, rather than real life into the digital metaverses.

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Vision & Values Vision & Values

We are here to create the difference. We don’t settle for mediocre ART. We are true perfectionists in every aspect of our doings. When we create art, we focus on the detail, as this is what distinguishes GOOD art from WORLDCLASS art! There is no room for error! We give 100% and make the best. Are you ready to join us?

Our vision is to create the largest & most profitable, decentralized community & alpha group of high-end art collectors & artists!

Why We Succeed Why We Succeed

Community Driven

We are fully dedicated to becoming entirely community driven project. As such we are using our own DAO governance system to allow community to be part of the decision making process!

Utility Driven

What is an NFT without utility? No matter how amazing the art is, you need to have the utility to make the project worth it! Owning a Molly will provide you with access to our Alpha group of high-end art collectors & artists!

Trust and Transparency

The decision-making process is entirely up to the community. The core team will just give suggestions and advice. Even we left the most important decision about the pricing of the project in the hands of the community!

Utilities Utilities

Alpha Group

We are building an alpha group for the influencer industry! We strongly believe that a lot of famous influencer & nftrities will make their own NFT collection, and we want to be the first alpha group that that will provide insights, knowledge, connections and opportunities!

High end 3D models & rendering

Holders can enjoy high quality rendering implying that Molly NFTs can be used in the Mataverse or in games!

Mint Pass

Molly NFT acts as a mint pass for all future drops & influencer collections, meaning that holders will get early access & better price for upcoming collections!


We plan to purchase land in the metaverse creating a virtual member space for holders to collaborate as their unique Molly avatars. Our metaverse space is planned to be as the Molly Headquarters that NFT holders can access. Here influencers, collections, artists and investors can hang out together and create amazing projects!

Giveaways & Rewards

We plan to organise regular giveaways, raffles and fun incentives for our members with the rewards being invitations to parties, merch, free nft, whitelist, crypto and luxury goods!

Community Wallet

We will create a Community Wallet with the intention of redistributing 30% of the Royalty Fees income from the secondary market back into the Community Wallet. The community can vote what we will use the funds for and ensure that we keep growing the project!

Real life events

Exclusive parties with the best influencers & nftrities! Networking events with artists, creators, influencers and investors! The path to success is building a network!

The Dream Team The Dream Team


Alexander aka AAFSHIT

Artist and Co Founder

Alexander is a traveler videographer working with the biggest events in the world creating content for the business and influencers.

Alexander have a 15 years of a motion-graphics & 3d animations experience working with the biggest studios in the world and been a part of blockbusters like Star wars & Star trek. His attention to detail, vision and his amazing skills in Sculpting, Modelling, Texturing and Lighting, have given birth to Molly NFT!

Nick aka Norzd

Project Management

A dreamer who is willing to make the World a better place. Over 4 years of experience in crypto and then in the NFT industry.

Dedicated to create the largest and strongest alpha group in the NFT world. Pioneer for crypto and NFTs in a couple of countries. Passionate about revolutionising what NFTs represents.
His moto: "The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time."


Marketing Management and Co Founder

A successful entrepreneur, who knows with vast knowledge of how to build a thriving crypto/nft start from scratch! George has huge experience in IT management, blockchain development, token and NFT marketing! He is also very passionate leader who is willing to put in the extra work required to build an outstanding team and community! George believes that there is a lot of potential and undiscovered potential in the crypto/nft space and is to fill in the missing gaps with the technology that his IT team will build!

Joel Alvarez

Utility Management and Event Production

Joel Alvarez is the creator of the Black Tape Project. He is the world's only body tape expert, founder and pioneer of the Body Tape Art Genre. His work has been published in countless magazines and he has been fortunate enough to have worked with directors like Michael Bay (Pain and Gain) and recording artists like Rick Ross in several Maybach music videos including Maluma "la luz". He has also worked with Billy Ray Cyrus and some of the top DJs in the world such as Carl Cox, Chukie, Afrojack, Black Coffee to name just a few.

Core Team

I am Batman

Front end developer and designer


Backend Developer and solidity developer

Black Cat
Emmy aka Black Cat

Project Manager Assistant

Mr. Stark
Johnny - Mr. Stark

Community Manager


Social Media Manager

Need for nfts

Collaboration Manager

Ambassadors Ambassadors