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888 custom-made unique animated NFTs! 888 unique NFTs!

The extremely EXCLUSIVE and HIGHLY valued collection by Molly!
The collection is a real artistic gem! It is meant for the hardcore Molly supports, who hold 5+ NFTs and either have not listed them or listed above 1 ETH!

Target Floor Price: 1+ ETH!

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2+ Secret Molly NFTs

Holders of 2+ Secret Molly participate in a raffle to Join Jamaica Trip! 1 Lucky Winner will be chosen! (All inclusive stay. Flight tickets not included)

5+ Secret Molly NFTs

Holders of 5 + Secret Molly participate in a raffle to win 1 ETH!

Real gifts

Legendary NFTs grant real printed canvas to its holder!

Staking Powers (1-5 rank)

Each NFT in the Secret Molly collection will have more power to acquire tokens in the staking and the games. It depends on the rank (1 to 5) you fall for.

Voting powers in the DAO (1-5 rank)

Every NFT owner have the right to vote in the DAO. The voice of the Secret Molly NFT owner can be counted for 2, 3, 4 or 5, depending on the voting power that falls to him.

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